The Falcon and the Snowman — coming soon to a theater near you

Writing the book American Sons: The Untold Story of the Falcon and the Snowman has been an exercise in remembrance for both Chris and myself. More than three decades have come and gone since I first began my efforts to seek parole for convicted spies Christopher Boyce and Andrew Daulton Lee, and the experience of committing my own memories to paper (or, more appropriately, to hard drive) has brought back more vivid recollections than could fit into any cohesive narrative. This is one of them. In 1983, Chris had been transferred to Marion Federal Penitentiary and was in a lock-down unit in the bowels of the building. He usually called in the early evenings just to check in and say hello, to a

I am married to Christopher John Boyce

I am married to Christopher John Boyce. Since 2002, we have zealously guarded our privacy, refused interviews (except once for the L.A. Times) and basically kept a low profile because of people who feel that being judgmental of others is their God-given right. My husband is Christopher John Boyce. I tell you this because it explains so many facets of life – his lack of life experience, tinged with the overwhelming horror of having watched men die in prison. A life of family and friends, flying falcons over the fields that were once Palos Verdes. Maximum security prisons, escape and bank robberies. Two books and a movie that claimed to portray him, and the struggle to get people to understand

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