Christopher Boyce discusses Edward Snowden on CNN (video)

In his first TV interview in 30 years, Christopher Boyce joined anchors Alison Kosik and Victor Blackwell by phone on CNN Saturday Morning to discuss the plight of fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden. Days earlier, he answered questions from CNN journalist Peter Shadbolt. For the full interview, click here. You can read Christopher Boyce's book, American Sons: The Untold Story of the Falcon and the Snowman, available now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, and elsewhere. <-Previous Post — Next Post->

The Boyces proudly announce...

Memory is a double-edged sword. Some people are haunted by it. Others, comforted. But in my life, I have learned one very important thing: without it, we have nothing. As years go by, I find myself looking back more and more. What I see unfolds before me like a great untold story. And so I set about the task of putting those memories down for the record. What I envisioned was not a story of spies and espionage, of prison escape and bank robbery, or even of the long hard road to parole. And certainly not a Lifetime Network cancer triumph book. In the end, what I envisioned was a love story. Because the truth is simple. I have always loved Christopher Boyce. Together, Chris and I traveled a ro

The Falcon, the Snowden and the WikiLeaker

There’s an odd convergence happening as we speak. WikiLeaker Bradley Manning is on trial. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has gone into hiding. Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg is doing fist-pumps from the sidelines. And Christopher Boyce is about to release a book about his experiences called American Sons: The Untold Story of the Falcon and the Snowman. That name – “The Falcon” – has been showing up with increasing frequency on social media and in writings throughout the blogosphere. People want to know what Christopher Boyce thinks about Manning and Snowden, and if he thinks they should each be given a medal or the chair. Is it therefore any surprise that Boyce has so far refrained

Finding your anchor

I figured something out recently. Something really important. And so I’m writing it all down as fast as I possibly can before it leaves me. It has to do with finding inner strength. And with overcoming obstacles and keeping hope alive. It also has to do with a friend of mine by the name of Christopher Boyce. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because it should be. There was a movie made about him back in 1985 called The Falcon and the Snowman. Before that, there was a book. And before that, the true events that led to him being sentenced to 40 years in prison for selling secrets to the Russians. When some people look at Christopher Boyce, they see a traitor. Some see a hero. Others see a guy

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